Some basic information about slot games

If you are new to the world of gambling and want to have some knowledge about what are different kinds of slot games and what its features are then you have come to the right place, Canadian casino. Here, I am going to give an overview of different slot games.

First I will discuss about the most common kind of slot machine found in the casino. It is the multiplier slot. If you are playing this slot and you get a winning combination, then the winning amount is multiplied by the number of coins you have inserted.

Now, coming over to the second slot; it is the bonus multiplier slot. This slot can be called an improved version of the multiplier slot. Here in this slot if you are playing with the maximum investment allowed and get a winning combination then similar to the multiplier you will get the winning amount and also you get an added bonus amount to it.

The third type of slot is progressive jackpot slot. This slot gives the largest amount of jackpot. It is able to do so because it is connected to many slot machines and investment made in all the machines increases the jackpot until it is won by someone.

Another type of slot is multiple payline slot. This slot has more than one payline. A player if playing with the maximum number of coins can win if winning combination appears on any of the line. But if a player is not playing with the maximum investment then he will only be paid if winning combination comes in the main middle line.

Type of slot games

Now you have the information on different slot games so go out and try your luck. This might turn out to be your lucky day.

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