Introduction in the sphere of online casinos

Climbing to over $5 billion, annually, the online gaming industry is growing at an astonishing rate.
With literally hundreds of casinos available, how does one select the right place to play? We at Internet Casino Ratings use our payout percentage rating system to evaluate online casinos, recommending only the Top 15 sites which are reevaluated every month. Our system uses extensive criteria that is far more in-depth than the average person has the time or desire to research. We independently review and evaluate each casino so our players can focus their efforts on winning!

Casino industry

Top-Rated Online-Casinos

Some of the online casinos have been collected, reviewed and rated at the top based on some factors. The casinos have managed to score high in various important categories. Top rated online-casinos are rated based on the following factors.

    • They have great reputations
    • They ensure high tech security
    • They use state of the art software
    • They have the quickest payouts on websites.
    • They have good customer care services/satisfaction

Reasons of reputation top-rated online-casinos

      • Good payment methods are very important factor that they highly value. They also allow their players to fight for a chance with high payout rates with enough bonuses. This is consistent when a player joins the website and through the gaming experience. They have different payments methods or payment cycles such as debit card, visa, MasterCard and many more other payment modes. The systems are very fast and in most cases, money is credited directly to and from the account.
      • Improved customer support services are another factor, which contributes to the reputation of top rated online-casinos. They attend to the customers’ needs in good time. They respond to emails very quickly thus satisfying their customers. They ensure their customers are confident when playing.
      • Well-structured gambling commission is formed to solve any issue that may arise while playing online gambling. The commission is formed in the host country. A player with a grievance can contact the commission and he or she will be sorted out. This ensures there are fair games and fair payments all the time.

Top-Rated Online-Casinos |

Examples of top rated online casino games

    • Poker, this is a game for professional player and is the best. this is because the player is playing against other players and not the casino. As a player, you should be able to learn the probability and psychology to other players at lower levels who do not know the right strategy.
    • Blackjack, is almost at the same position with poker. Have conditions that fluctuate from generation to another. Experienced players have come up with new techniques that have no opposition from casinos since this depends on the weakness of shuffle procedure. as a blackjack player, you need to be smart when playing to be able to make more profits.
    • Video poker is considered straightforward game for players. you only need to study optimal strategy for different machine types and start. It is easy to play.
    • Roulette should not surprise you by being ranked high. it has unbiased wheels and is a game of chance. Everybody has equal chances of winning. It is hosted by top rated online-casinos.
    • Baccarat is a card counting game system. In addition, is also considered tough as compared to other games. You should equip yourself with powerful non-linear strategies or advanced technique.
    • Gaming tournaments can be hosted by any online casino game. it is a unique gambling game. it has complex strategies.
    • Craps is also rated and ranked at the top. It involves dice control that allows one to win.
    • Caribbean stud has high house edge.